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Will U.S. Federal government agency make website improvements thanks to Gardian Angel, LLC?

Gardian Angel, LLC extends their hands yet again to federal agencies. This time the company that specializes in the development, sales, and distribution of a safety lighting system for use on school buses offers their support to the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's website as they kickoff National School Bus Safety Week during NHTSA's first ever National Pedestrian Safety Month.

Gardian Angel, LLC calls attention to the vacant Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards School Bus Pedestrian Safety Devices page on NHTSA's website shown here.

"This page has remained vacant for far too many years. It's very upsetting considering there are existing school bus pedestrian safety devices already on the market like the Gardian Angel school bus lighting system which is available as optional equipment in almost half of the United States, and if that wasn't enough, this technology is also included in multiple federal bills (see H.R.2 - Moving Forward Act and H.R.2218 - Stop for School Buses Act of 2019). I have looked at this blank page for far too long and this being National School Bus Safety Week during the first ever National Pedestrian Safety Month is the perfect opportunity for these Federal agencies to work together with us" states Gardian Angel, LLC, Director of Marketing, Andrew Gardner.

More info about School Bus Pedestrian Safety Devices

The National Transportation Safety Board's New Recommendation H-20-11 directed to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration as part of the final NTSB report from the fatal October 30, 2018 Rochester, Indiana: Vehicle Collision With Student Pedestrians Crossing High-Speed Roadway to Board School Bus states "Evaluate the effectiveness of technologies designed to reduce the incidence of illegal school bus passings, and publish and disseminate the evaluation results. (H-20-11)

See the full NTSB report here:

Located in this same NTSB report on page 42, Gardian Angel, LLC calls the attention of the National Highway Safety Administration to see section 2.5.3 Other technologies to prevent Illegal Passings Increase Crossing Safety.

According to a comment by Andrew Gardner, as shown in the Federal docket titled: Reducing the Illegal Passing of School Buses located at

"Since NHTSA has initially failed to satisfy the intent of H-20-011 and provide initial comment to 2.5.3, Gardian Angel, LLC aims to educate this agency (NHTSA) and the general public of what advanced technologies are included in section 2.5.3 which NHTSA does not fully address the recommendation as by the NTSB. These technologies can be found on page (56 of 70 under section 2.5.3) in HAR2002 Rochester, Indiana, Highway Accident Report shown in attachments."

School Bus Safety Technology includes:

  • The Gardian Angel School Bus Lighting System (aka supplemental lighting systems / enhanced school bus lighting)

  • Extended stop arm

  • Predictive stop arm"

Are you beginning to wonder why aren't these school bus pedestrian safety devices listed on the current vacant Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards School Bus Pedestrian Safety Devices page on NHTSA's website?

Combine all of this this with the information discovered in the NTSB's 23rd finding in the same HAR2002 final report which states, "Because funding for school bus equipment is limited, to make the best use of their resources, school systems need more information on which technologies are most effective in reducing illegal school bus passings and protecting students from the risk of injury."

The evidence continues to mount for the USDOT National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to not just make the necessary changes not just to their website, but to actually do the work that has been spelled out to them directly by the National Transportation Safety Board and echoed by the voice of the public for the safety of pedestrians who board the school bus every day. Multiple Federal documents prove it's time for this government agency to act.

Failure to provide the necessary changes can literally be fatal. Pointing to the decades of data in the National school bus loading and unloading surveys

Accumulative Data Report, and Accumulative Fatality Synopsis Report, Gardner explained, "We here at Gardian Angel, LLC have seen far too many reminders of how important failure to act can lead to unnecessary injuries and/ or fatalities."

"Like the 23 other states that currently allow their school bus pedestrian safety lighting device, Gardian Angel, LLC is here with open arms, and I am personally extending my hand and am willing to assist the U.S.DOT and NHTSA's senior leadership and marketing teams with fulfilling this neglected page and the alike." Gardian Angel, LLC's director of Marketing states.

Gardian Angel is more than a School Bus Pedestrian Safety Device, it's a lifeline to the students that are witness to the 17 million violations each year nationwide of vehicles that illegally pass a stopped school bus, which in turn puts each child's life that boards the school bus in gave danger.

Learn more about the patented Gardian Angel school bus lighting system at

Are you looking forward to seeing the Gardian Angel on NHTSA's Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards School Bus Pedestrian Safety Devices page? Let us know.

Learn about Gardian Angel, LLC's Director of Marketing, Andrew Gardner

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