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National School Bus Loading and Unloading Surveys

These national surveys provide an account of children, which ride school buses, and are killed by either their own school bus or a passing motorist while loading or unloading the school bus

Extra Credit:
OVER 50 years of History with Loading & Unloading Surveys

Check out our collection of more than four decades of nation-wide statistics on children killed as pedestrians in the loading and unloading "zone" or area around a school bus

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Information Provided by  

Kansas state Department

of Education


Settlement for injury to student hit by school bus- minimum of $100,000.00
Cost of Gardian Angel®- starting at $159.00
umber of buses that you could install Gardian Angel® instead for that price – 628
Most buses can transport up to how many students - 66
Potential lives protected – 41,448

The cost of 1 injury of a child being hit by a school bus is the equivalent of protecting 41,448 children’s lives with the Gardian Angel®

We estimated on the LOW end for you. 

Here's other settlement stories for your reference

Enjoy a FREE School Bus Lighting Story / Coloring Book 


Grab your free story and coloring book from us

School bus safety coloring book- Gardian Angel
We need teach our children about of the lighting system, how to use it properly, and to how to practice safe habits surrounding the school bus danger zone. We hope for your support in changing this world for the better. On the last page a light-hearted message awaits you.


Please share. Read to your children encouraging them to learn, color, and inspire.

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