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School Bus Lighting:  Proven Safety to Prevent School Bus Crashes
Pricing disclaimer:  Pricing is by set by our distributor.  The pricing on our website are preliminary estimates.


wherever your state requires

NOTE: *Check with state regulations for specific mounting locations*


(We accommodate front-bumper mounted, under front-bumper mounted, and undercarriage mounting options.)


  • Works on any type of bus (A/C/D)

  • Installation takes 30 mins - 1 hr.

  • Works with multiplex wiring

  • Works with crossing arms

  • No extra switches involved




It looks bright, does it blind the children?

No, if it is installed properly.

The light does not blind the children. The pedestrian safety light is angled toward the ground at a 45° angle, not on the students. The 1,000 lumen LED flood light lights up a bright path, but the light is spread out over a much larger area, rather than a spotlight where the light is more concentrated.

Other transportation directors

ALSO asked

How Does it Work?


The school bus driver makes a stop, opens the door, and the white light activates, giving the students a path to walk in.   are Pedestrians are simply taught to walk in the path created by the light, which is beyond the ten foot “danger zone” around the bus.


What’s the Learning Curve on this Product?


There are no additional switches for the driver to operate, the system automatically turns on when the red lights are activated, and turn off when the entrance door of the bus is closed.


What Happens When the Bulb Burns Out?


Light Emitting Diodes (LED’s) don’t have a filament that burns out; instead the light gradually reduces and gets dimmer throughout time.  All Gardian Angel® lights come with a two year warranty.  The white light has a life expectancy of over 50,000 hours.



for Our Gardian Gearheads

Tip 1)  The Gardian Angel® School Bus Safety Lighting System will work on any type of bus.  (A/C/D) and can typically be installed in less than under thirty minutes.  Buses with multiplex wiring can take 30 mins to 1 hour to install.



Tip 2)  The Gardian Angel® can work on buses equipped with multiplex wiring.  However, certain directions have to be followed when installing on a 2012 or newer Thomas Built Bus.



Tip 3)  The main connection for the Gardian Angel® light can be made at several different locations.



Tip 4)  The Gardian Angel® safety light can be installed on any bus equipped with a front crossing arm.



Tip 5)  When adjusted and installed properly, the Gardian Angel® light needs no further adjustments.



Tip 6)  No additional relays are required for a Gardian Angel® installation.



Tip 7)  The Gardian Angel® light is only as good as the connections you make.  Make sure that they are good and weather-tight.



Tip 8)   Make sure the light is at a 45° angle, angled toward the ground.

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