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School Bus Caskets - Bus Drivers Guide for the Afterlife

Do you drive a school bus? Is COVID-19 increasing you to think more about your mortality? If you made it this far, I'm going out on a limb and predicting you might be a school bus driver who is a little nervous about Coronavirus, especially with your age and or other health related issues like heart/lung disease or diabetes, and now you are thinking about your own death a little more than you would like. So let me put your mind at ease a little about the well, the inevitable for all of us.

If you are anything like me you are passionate about your career. Being in the school bus industry, we certainly do bleed yellow. There are some among us that might be wondering about pre-planning of some final expenses during this chaotic time with this pandemic going on everywhere to try and ease the burden for your loved ones. I know your passion and I want to help that's why I wanted to share some information with you that I've gathered. You are not alone in wanting to share your passion for the school bus industry even in death. There have been several news stories shared by the mainstream media about beloved school bus drivers dying and being buried in a custom school bus caskets. Here’s some of their stories.

But to know you aren't alone isn't quite enough. That got me thinking…

Where to buy a school bus casket and how much do school bus caskets cost?

  • I did some research and found an option at Fast Caskets. It’s currently listed at the price: $1,000.00 with 3 days to produce.

  • Another option was found at Best Price Caskets is currently listed at $1,195.00.

  • Another school bus casket was found at Titan is currently listed at $999.00 with free 2- 6 day shipping.

These are not affiliate links, merely just some reference points for you to consider to help guide you as you prepare to plan through some of your final wishes being a loyal school bus driver.


It's my opinion that if you are a bus driver truly considering a school bus casket as an option, I would talk it over with my local funeral home and discuss this matter more in detail with their sales representative so your school bus casket can be included in a package of some kind. I would think you may get a better deal, but who knows at least you have a starting point for price matching or sale negotiations.


Published 8/02/2020

Written by: Andrew Gardner, Director of Marketing, Gardian Angel, LLC.

Click here for more information about Andrew Gardner.

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