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Pedestrian Definition

pedestrians on opposite side of crosswalk in city.  showing concept of pedestrian definition
pedestrian definition


A pedestrian is someone who walks. A pedestrian is a person that travels by foot using the methods of walking, hiking, running, or jogging.

I'm going to go a step (pun intended) further than our friends at Merriam-Webster and elaborate a little further on not only their definition of a pedestrian, but ours as well.

Not to exclude the elderly or disabled persons, individuals using a standard manual wheelchair may also be considered as a pedestrian. The same applies for people using quad canes, forearm canes, adjustable canes, white canes, rollators, crutches, knee scooters, walkers, and walking sticks. Persons pushing a full-sized stroller, lightweight or umbrella stroller, jogging stroller, and double stroller also are considered pedestrians.

The same applies for individuals using pull-along wagons (such as beach wagons, fold-able wagons, metal and plastic canopy wagons). Under certain state laws individuals using human-powered recreation equipment with wheels such as roller-blades, long-boards, skateboards, and scooters may also be pedestrians. Check with your local state laws for more specific information.

Persons using Electric Personal Assisted Mobility Devices EPAMDs may fall under some pedestrian laws. EPAMDs are a self-balancing device with a minimum of two wheels not in tandem, designed to transport only one person by an electric propulsion system, at less than twenty (typically 15) miles per hour. Examples of EPAMDs are power wheelchairs, and other mobility scooters.

Our friends at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration say that "at some point in the day, everyone is a pedestrian."

SYNONYMS FOR pedestrian

  • hiker

  • passerby

  • stroller

  • walker

  • ambler

  • jaywalker

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