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Proposal for National School Bus Code of Ethics Committee

Dear Leading School Transportation Officials,

It is at this time that I’m providing you with the associated link below yet further documentation of why it is mandatory for my proposal for the first National School Bus Code of Ethics Committee.

Articles like this taint the school industry and make parents leery of using the pupil transportation service. In order for the school bus industry to thrive, one must take a look at the controversial issues that are really at the core of pupil transportation, (and it’s not seat belts). We need to look deeper within ourselves as an industry and formulate a realistic set of standards of which compliance among school bus companies, voting committees, and other pupil transportation officials handle the day-to-day tasks within our sector.

Andrew V. Gardner is proposing the first National School Bus Code of Ethics Committee to you in order to keep the sanctity of the school bus and all that in which it contains. I believe we have let these sleeping dogs lie for far too long, and it’s time a committee is formed to be the first point of contact to abolish unethical behavior like that related to the previously mentioned article. Please consider this proposal as the school bus industry needs to be trusted in the public eye. By taking steps to formulate the Nation’s first School Bus Ethics Committee makes it a more comfortable place in school transportation for everyone from school bus drivers, to leading transportation directors, and companies alike.

Members of the National School Bus Code of Ethics Committee would be required to create and publish ethical regulations for which all national, federal, and state to state school transportation committees and associations are both regulated and moderated. It would also serve as a compliance committee making sure school transportation industry is in compliance to their own regulations.

Unethical behavior like which has occurred at Dallas County Schools, is unacceptable and have been swept under the rug for far too long by the school bus industry. Please consider this proposal for the creation of the National School Bus Code of Ethics Committee.

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