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Tennessee pedestrian school bus lighting options

Unfortunately, Gardian Angel is currently not available for purchase in Tennessee.  We would love to work with you though. 



We wanted to supply you with the necessary information to work with us, so that together we can keep your children safer.


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For Tennessee, ultimately we need official written documentation by your state director.  Please contact your state director and strongly encourage them to approve the Gardian Angel® for children's safety.  A link to their contact information and related committees is here.

Your state director can send us the official paperwork granting us permission to have the Gardian Angel® be an available option to your local school buses.  Only when we have been given appropriate authorization, we can move forward with order requests for your state.

Here at Gardian Angel, LLC our e-mail address is:

Interested in setting up a pilot program?  Please contact our distributor Unity School Bus Parts.

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Most states want some form of a presentation prior to an approval.  We made this part real easy for Tennessee.  Simply check out the custom presentation we have already put together for you.



We offer a variety of products to suit various state laws and requirements.  Because the rules and regulations differ from state-to-state, it's absolutely imperative we know which version(s) of our lighting system your state will allow when we are at the final stages of the approval process.  Shown below are available options.  


Pricing Disclaimer:  Pricing is by set by our distributor.  The pricing on our website are preliminary estimates.

PLEASE NOTE: It is important to note that placement of lights shown in pictures may not be placement for your state. 

Our white LED lights can be mounted on the front bumper, under the front bumper, or mounted on the undercarriage.  Please check with your state laws and regulations for the correct mounting location.


wherever your state requires

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