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What the Bus Magazines Aren’t Telling You

Have you ever wondered what the school bus magazines omit from their articles? I investigated this very topic.

Which School Bus Magazine Do You Read?

I’m predicting you answered with our friends, over at School Bus Fleet Magazine.

How Did I Predict This?

It’s not just a 50/50 guess. If you are like the vast majority of the school transportation industry, this will overwhelmingly be your answer. Did you know gets 37,418 organic visitors a month? For comparison, their competition only gets 1,722 organic visitors a month.

What Does This Web Traffic Mean?

This web traffic means that significant amounts more people are visiting various pages throughout School Bus Fleet’s website rather than their competition.

Why Are You Visiting Their Site?

This clear distinction shows that not only you, but the majority of individuals surfing the net value SBF’s content. This value deems School Bus Fleet as a more trustworthy and accurate source compared to the other school bus trade publication.

What Do You Do After You Click Their Article?

Reading and digesting the material is only part of the equation. Actively participating in comments and discussions adds to this. The equation grows as you watch videos, view images, click links, and share the content socially. This is like an edge piece when working on a puzzle. It might seem small, but it gives you a lot more value than some of the other pieces. When you engage with the material, it signals the search engines that this is worthwhile content for more people to see.

What Happens When More People See This Content After You Engaged with It?

You probably figured it out. The cycle continues as the content ranks higher in search, thus putting the website you clicked higher up in rankings.

What the Bus Magazines Aren’t Telling You

They aren't using the power of engagement to see what you value to help drive web traffic and sales.

So now that we know that you value School Bus Fleet Magazine,

What are the most engaging pieces of content?

Amazingly, SBF omitted this from their Year in Review in the 2019 School Bus Fleet Fact Book. Never fear, after investigating this issue I have answers, and would love to show the results for the…

Top 5 Most Engaging Articles on School Bus Fleet Magazine over the Past Year

Posted on Posted on December 17, 2018 with 2k total engagements

2k Facebook Engagements

4 Twitter Shares

0 Pinterest Shares

0 Reddit Engagements

Posted on November 29, 2018 by Nicole Schlosser with 2.2k total engagements

2.2k Facebook Engagements

1 Twitter Shares

0 Pinterest Shares

0 Reddit Engagements

Posted on September 17, 2018 by Nicole Schlosser with 4.8 total engagements

4.8k Facebook Engagements

4 Twitter Shares

0 Pinterest Shares

0 Reddit Engagements

Posted on November 12, 2018 by Sadiah Thompson with 6.1k total engagements

6k Facebook Engagements

19 Twitter Shares

0 Pinterest Shares

0 Reddit Engagements

Posted on July 23, 2018 by Nicole Schlosser with 19.1k total engagements

19.1k Facebook Engagements

19 Twitter Shares

1 Pinterest Shares

0 Reddit Engagements

Did You Notice a Theme?

Four of the five most engaging articles are about the illegal passing / stop-arm running themes. This should be a strong focus for School Bus Fleet Magazine as readers are engaging with this content more than anything else on its site over the past year.

Where Should They Focus More Attention?

Looking through the statistics referenced above, I would recommend SBF Magazine monitors their social media more. Particularly with their Facebook account, as the majority of readers are engaging with the content on that channel more than any other.


Although School Bus Fleet Magazine has nearly 30 times the amount of traffic per month over its competition, they are still missing out on what their readers are telling them. The school bus magazines aren't telling us what their most engaging content is. Looking at the engagements tells what customers want – that being quality advice, information, and insight. This is something to never omit, but to always include. You, the site visitor should come first.

Here at Gardian Angel, LLC, we are thrilled to be on the list and reaching the number 5 spot of the most engaging content over the past year on School Bus Fleet’s website. SBF’s readers value this school bus light and want to end school bus accidents. By engaging with the proactive solution to stop illegal passing we can stop this nationwide issue once and for all.

What's your personal reason for wanting to stop school bus accidents and eliminate stop-arm running?


About the Author

Andrew V. Gardner serves as the Director of Marketing for Gardian Angel, LLC. Andrew advises and provides many marketing efforts for Gardian Angel, LLC. Andrew also helped establish the company. Andrew handles the web design and marketing strategy for the company. He also manages social media accounts. Gardner has also spoken to various pupil transportation committees and departments of education.

Gardner started his own anti-bullying campaign which raised the bar on transportation ethics. Andrew persuaded public policy lawmakers to increase and enforce more ethical laws. Leading organizations and school transportation officials acknowledged Mr. Gardner’s ethical efforts. The National Association of State Directors of Pupil Transportation Services even recognized Andrew.

Visit his impressive marketing portfolio.

About the Business

Gardian Angel, LLC

This Toledo, Ohio based company designed, patented, and produced a life-saving device. Their tool prevents school bus accidents from ever occurring. The Gardian Angel® school bus lighting system is a new LED technology lighting up the nation. It allows children increased safety while loading or unloading the school bus. This school bus light is an available option to school buses already in 20 states since 2010.

For more information please visit.

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