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School bus accident today: Whitefish Montana pedestrian suffers traumatic brain injury

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

Whitefish, Montana —a female pedestrian from Olney Bissell School District was seriously injured on U.S. Highway 93 intersection with Graham Lane by Whitefish near marker 137 at around 4:45 p.m. The 6 year-old female child existed a school bus on the afternoon of Tuesday November 12, 2019, and was was struck by a vehicle that failed to stop for the school bus' stop sign and flashing lights. The young girl was then taken by ambulance to a hospital for traumatic brain injury.

It is estimated by Montana Highway Patrol that the vehicle was traveling at around 25 mph at the time of impact when striking the child. Weather conditions state that the roads were covered in snow, but at this time it is unclear if the weather conditions played a factor. Law enforcement officials said the driver stayed on scene following the occurrence. The motorist was not arrested at the time of the incident, however charges are pending.

In a press release found on the Olney Bissell School District Facebook page, dated November 13, 2019, Trevor J. Dahlman, Administrator for the Olney Bissell School District states, "The Olney Bissell staff met early Wednesday morning, with the support of Whitefish School District administrators and counselors in order to debrief and develop a plan to support our students, staff, and families. Olney Bissell School District will continue to make student safety our top priority."

God forbid your loved one is ever in the same circumstance, we urge you to review our list of Best Pedestrian Accidents Attorney for Each State where you can find resources for each state. For example our non-affiliate suggestion for a Montana Pedestrian Accidents Attorney would be:

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We believe it's past time to end these occurrences and improve pedestrian safety. Students should be seen, not hit. Gardian Angel, LLC provides the most cost-effective proven proactive school bus pedestrian safety device on the market, called the Gardian Angel. Our patented pedestrian school bus safety light that helps illuminate children boarding the school bus in darkness and combats drivers from illegally passing a stopped school bus in the first place. Our awesome Gardian Angel lighting technology is already approved for use in nearly half of the United States to aid to help eliminate and mitigate future school bus - pedestrian related injuries. Sadly Montana is NOT one of the 23 states that allow this technology yet. With that being said, we would like to point out that we are very interested in working with the state of Montana to keep their children safer as they board or exit the school bus as to not be fodder for motorists. We have designated a page soely for the state of Montana on our website to address this very issue, even giving you a FREE (no e-mail list needed) downloadable presentation specifically for the state of Montana. which can be found here:

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