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Prediction on Latest School Bus podcast: Origin & Steps Actually Taken 3 Years ago

The latest Bus Stop Podcast by the National School Transportation Association featuring Chris Akiyama, Vice President of Safe Fleet is something you heard 3 years ago initially proposed by our own Gardian Angel’s Director of Marketing, Andrew Gardner in School Transportation News Magazine.

Chris Akiyama’s prediction to where the school bus industry is headed has already been not just implanted in the brains of the pupil transportation industry years ago (where he most likely heard of this concept himself), but has also already been suggested to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration on its opinion of this proposed safety concept 3 years ago as well.

The Bus Stop podcast

(Skip to 23.00) on Season 1 Episode 10 of just released The Bus Stop podcast aired on October 29, 2019 as by the National School Transportation Association, and you will hear the Vice President of Safe Fleet state, “When all of the vehicles are connected, and we have smart vehicles, potentially a school bus coming up to a stop may be able to shut down oncoming vehicles as they are approaching…” He stated this in reference to his prediction of where the school bus industry is headed in terms of technology.

Now, Where have we heard this before?

Andrew Gardner, Director of Marketing for Gardian Angel, LLC has not just predicted this, but he was the first person to originate this very concept and has proof of it’s true origin through his written publication in a school bus magazine published now three years prior to Mr. Akiyama stating this on a podcast.

In his article published on August 17, 2016 Andrew Gardner proposed taking the existing school bus stop sign and placing a sensor on it or on the bus itself. He suggested it could be either an optional after-market feature or a new federally mandated safety feature. He elaborated saying the sensor would “talk” to other nearby vehicles and only when the stop arm is deployed, the sensor would sync with the nearby cars with automatic emergency braking, thus signaling to apply partial braking to cars and alert drivers curbing any potential tragedies.

Read Andrew’s full Article: "Could Technology Make Motorists #Brake4Buses?" in School Transportation News magazine. Link shown below.

“It’s an honor to have another school bus safety technology company validate a future concept originated by our staff says Steve Gardner, Founder and President of Gardian Angel, LLC. He continued, "Here at Gardian Angel we are more than just innovators, we are pioneers for the school bus industry technology and where it's headed. I'm proud to say here at Gardian Angel, LLC our staff are YEARS ahead of the technology department in the school bus industry (literally). This is something to consider especially when making your next school bus technology-related purchase."

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