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How a Man Recently Hacked AI Traffic Control with just a Wagon and Phones


As shown by the Business Insider article listed below, Simon Weckert showed flaws in the GPS rerouting segments to Google Maps which are used to predict traffic and help with traffic congestion. By simply pulling nearly 100 phones in a wagon, Weckert hacked the systems location services with false traffic jams to merely draw awareness and trust in tech companies.

As technology grows it's important we consider how accurate things like AI (Artificial Intelligence) and the data provided by APPs like Google Maps and Waze are incorporated in the experience to a life of fully automated cars and self-driving trucks. This is especially important for companies like Waymo to learn from.

Simple issues like these are huge headaches for the automakers, tech companies, and various federal and state agencies involved with smart cities and smart vehicles.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is a great resource for understanding more about Automated Safety Technologies. Here is a quick list showing the different levels of driver assistance technology. Which level does your car have?


  • Level 0 The human driver does all the driving.

  • Level 1 An advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) on the vehicle can sometimes assist the human driver with either steering or braking/accelerating, but not both simultaneously.

  • Level 2 An advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) on the vehicle can itself actually control both steering and braking/accelerating simultaneously under some circumstances. The human driver must continue to pay full attention (“monitor the driving environment”) at all times and perform the rest of the driving task.

  • Level 3 An Automated Driving System (ADS) on the vehicle can itself perform all aspects of the driving task under some circumstances. In those circumstances, the human driver must be ready to take back control at any time when the ADS requests the human driver to do so. In all other circumstances, the human driver performs the driving task.

  • Level 4 An Automated Driving System (ADS) on the vehicle can itself perform all driving tasks and monitor the driving environment – essentially, do all the driving – in certain circumstances. The human need not pay attention in those circumstances.

  • Level 5 An Automated Driving System (ADS) on the vehicle can do all the driving in all circumstances. The human occupants are just passengers and need never be involved in driving.

-Source NHTSA


I think it's safe to say that we are still further removed from life of the fully self driving automobiles when a man can simple pull a wagon with phones to disrupt the system and create tech companies to think outside of the box. Don't let the big companies fool you with their misleading Super Bowl car ads. Makes you wonder what other things we still have left to learn when it comes to traffic control. Here at Gardian Angel, LLC we strive to combat distracted driving as it relates to school buses and illegal passing in addition to increasing pedestrian safety. There has even been discussions of eventually self driving school buses. Safe to say that's a ways off, folks. Unlike this emerging technology, our technology is already proven in 23 states. Go ahead check it out and see how we are keeping your kids safer at the bus stop

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