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Gardian Angel blasts NHTSA’s Initial Response for NTSB’s Recommendation (Rochester, IN bus crash)

7/13/2020 Toledo, OH -The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) deliberately blinded specific considerations by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) in their initial response to the NTSB’s recommendation to evaluate the effectiveness of technologies designed to reduce the incidence of illegal school bus passings, and publish and disseminate the evaluation results with such technologies that are available that could prevent crashes involving students crossing roadways, when changes to school bus routes are not possible.

Statement by member of Gardian Angel, LLC

Andrew Gardner, Director of Marketing for Gardian Angel, LLC stated, “We hope NHTSA reconsiders their previous position, and addresses the recommendation which includes evaluating the various technology. We hope to work with NHTSA pending completion of the revision to NHTSA's response, however we are disappointed that the initial response from the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration was to omit Section 2.5.3 Other Technologies to Prevent Illegal School Bus Passings and Increase Crossing Safety which was specifically reiterated to NHTSA in the Safety Recommendation H-20-011 from the NTSB’s Final Highway Accident Report for the Rochester, Indiana vehicle collision with student pedestrians crossing high-speed roadway to board school bus."

Mr. Gardner continued, “There are so much more proven not to mention ethical options rather than the controversial school bus cameras as noted by the United States Department of Justice, issuing citations, and educational-based efforts. This technology is already here and like with the Gardian Angel is already allowed in more states than the cameras currently, aims to protect students before a tragedy occurs rather than recording the death of a child, and helps drivers stay more aware and possibly not getting a citation for illegally passing a school bus in the first place.”

Deliberately blinding considerations is EXACTLY why the Rochester, Indiana school bus federal documents by the NTSB are in existence. (See subheading in this article: Gardian Angel referenced in the following federal documents. Lots of nuggets and reading for you.) Gardian Angel wants to ensure no family has to endure the "thoughts and "prayers" from state organizations which fail to act upon successfully-tested preventative pedestrian safety devices such as the Gardian Angel. Blatant inflexibility comes with an unfortunate price: children's lives. We have seen far too many reminders of how important failure to act can lead to unnecessary injuries and/or fatalities. No parent should ever have to bury their child(ren), let alone under such unfortunate circumstances set forth at the state (and now federal level).

Since NHTSA has initially failed to satisfy the intent of H-20-011 and provide comment to 2.5.3, Gardian Angel, LLC aims to educate this agency (NHTSA) and the general public of what advanced technologies are included in section 2.5.3 which NHTSA does not fully address the recommendation as by the NTSB. These technologies can be found on page 56 of 70 under section 2.5.3 in HAR2002 Rochester, Indiana, Highway Accident Report.

School Bus Safety Technology includes:

NTSB recommendation

NTSB’s recommendation of H-20-011 - Evaluate the effectiveness of technologies designed to reduce the incidence of illegal school bus passings, and publish and disseminate the evaluation results. (H 20-11) (See section 2.5.3.)

NHTSA’s Response

NHTSA’s Response to H-20-011 - from James C. Owens, Deputy Administrator: “NHTSA has conducted case studies investigating the effectiveness of cameras as a deterrent to school bus stop-arm violations. This project investigated the use of stop-arm camera programs by examining the prevalence of illegal school bus passing before and after a public information program and implementation of a camera enforcement program. This report is expected to be issued this year. Illegal passing is a frequent occurrence that can result in severe injury or death to children boarding or disembarking from school buses. To better understand the factors that contribute to illegal passing, NHTSA is engaged in research to evaluate drivers’ knowledge of school bus passing laws and the effectiveness of camera-based enforcement systems, high-visibility enforcement, and targeted media and education efforts. This report is expected to be issued in 2024. NHTSA requests that recommendation H-20-11 be classified as Open, Acceptable Response.”

What is the Gardian Angel? Watch to see more.

The NTSB stated in their final report, “Some of these technologies are intended to make students more visible, while others are designed to help motorists recognize a stopped school bus.” Therefore, Gardian Angel, LLC requests that section 2.5.3 be reconsidered and included by NHTSA in their final efforts for classification by the NTSB. Gardian Angel, LLC urges the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to reconsider its initial comment and work to implement the recommended rule-making before more lives are lost unnecessarily as proactive technology like the Gardian Angel is already here helping thousands of students stay safer daily across the Nation.

Gardian Angel referenced in the following federal documents

• Survival Factors Factual Report of Investigation

(page 17 – 19) 5.4. Safety Device Technology

• Survival Factors Factual Attachment-IDOE Pilot Program-Gardian Angel Lighting System (entire report)

• Survival Factors Attachment - Interview with Director of Student Transportation IDOE (page 8, line 22 and then continuing throughout)

• Final Report: Highway Accident Report Vehicle Collision With Student Pedestrians Crossing High-Speed Roadway to Board School Bus. Rochester, Indiana. October 30, 2018

(page 42 and 43. 2.5.3 Other Technologies to Prevent Illegal School Bus Passings and Increase Crossing Safety then last paragraph on page 45 applies)


H-20-11 (3rd bullet page 2, of 124)

Other NTSB links to this accident

Links to the accident docket and related news releases for this investigation are available at

What's Next for Gardian Angel: upcoming legislation

H.R. 2, THE MOVING FORWARD ACT by the Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure

Read pages 804 (specifically Section 2D) - 806 (specifically Section EA) regarding REVIEW OF TECHNOLOGIES specifically illegal passing of school buses and other safety issues, including distracted driving, morning darkness, poor visibility, and illumination.


If NHTSA is deliberatly blinded to section 2.5.3 in the recommendation H-20-011 and omits include the new technology, someone else will, and already HAS (H.R.2), but it sure makes NHTSA's mission statement of to save lives, prevent injuries, and reduce economic costs due to road traffic crashes, through education, research, safety standards, and enforcement more questionable when they ignore the light that helps others see that your children are safer because of the technology that already exists.

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Published 7/13/2020

Written by: Andrew Gardner, Director of Marketing, Gardian Angel, LLC.

Click here for more information about Andrew Gardner.

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