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Idaho School District Orders Bus Light Improving Student Safety

A School district in Idaho is thinking proactively about the safety of their children that ride the school bus. The Kootenai Jt. School District ordered a bus light which acts as a preventative measure for stopping motorists who illegally pass school buses, and allows children increased safety while loading or unloading the school bus. The districts order of 5 Gardian Angel® School Bus Lighting Systems is a positive step towards improving school bus safety for the 144 students that attend the local schools.

Gardian Angel LLC, is a Toledo, Ohio based company, which designed, patented and produced an LED school bus warning lighting system as a proactive measure combating school bus stop arm violations and creates a well-lit and highly visible path 6 - 8 feet wide with a field of vision from 18 - 20 feet away from the school bus to the school bus which keeps children safe and out of the danger zone.

The Gardian Angel school bus light is an allowable option to school buses in 16 states including Idaho since 2010.

Other states that allow this option to school buses include Alaska, Arkansas, Colorado, Idaho , Nebraska, New Jersey, North Carolina, Nevada, Michigan, Missouri , Mississippi , Texas, Vermont, Wisconsin , West Virginia, and Wyoming.

Gardian Angel® is also endorsed by the Michigan Association for Pupil Transportation.

To learn more about the Gardian Angel and to place your order please visit today

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