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School Bus Safety

Although the school bus is the often times referred to as the safest vehicle on the road—there are still improvements that can be made to make sure your children are safer. Specifically referencing there is a lot of buses on the road that are between 10 – 20 years old.

Just like your baby’s crib, its safety is great for the first kid but then decreases as time progresses. Because school bus funding is usually on the low side (with the exceptions of grants), we need to rethink school bus safety and have budget-friendly safety options. This is where retrofitting school buses with upgraded bus parts like school bus lights come in to play.

There are now led school bus lights that improve safety measures to combat motorists from driving past that school bus with its stop arm deployed. This gives a path for the students to walk through, and makes the students more visible to the traffic waiting for the school bus to load or unload.

These simple steps are something that is shown to be beneficial in the National Loading and Unloading surveys year after year. Drivers are illegally passing school buses thousands of times a day (per study) and now sadly there are plenty of pedestrian children fatalities from traffic disobeying the laws.

Consider the most influential light on the market, Gardian Angel®, for improving school bus safety and the safety of your children. Learn more about the bus light here.

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