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Memorial Day, our definition of it: a time of remembrance for those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. Steve’s personal meaning goes further than that. He grew up at the end of the Vietnam era. He knew people who came back in a casket. He knew people who came back alive, never to be the same as they were before they left. Steve has never believed in war, and still does not. They had the lottery system back when he was eligible to serve. That is one lottery Mr. Gardner never wanted to win. He has thanked God a thousand times for the fact he was never chosen to serve. Steve never burned his draft card. He would have gone if he had to. Parents do not have children, only to attend their kids’ funerals because of the stupidity of a war. If Steve died fighting, and the same person that shot him died too, who won? No winners, we title it "freedom".

For that freedom, Gardian Angel, LLC sincerely thanks everyone that has served, or is still serving. Freedom means more than a day off, or firing up a grill. Anybody who has been involved in the armed forces should be thanked, appreciated, prayed for, and loved, daily. For that, each of you that have served will have our upmost respect forever!

Please enjoy your weekend, and the "freedom" you have to go with it.

Gardian Angel, LLC

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