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Servant Leadership - Not only should managers, supervisors, directors, and CEO’s know about this, it is time they adopt this philosophy instead of talking about how great their company is. In a nutshell, servant leadership is a philosophy where the one’s at the top of company with power puts the needs of others first; serving others and then themselves. We aren’t just talking about your lip service to the magazines that interview you, your Employee Appreciation Days or company “fun days”; your employees should matter more than prospecting for additional clients.

Servant leadership is not only leading by example, it’s showing others that they really are important every single day. The employees should feel pampered, praised, and protected. All too often employees feel like they are unnoticed within the company. Some have never even met the most influential members of the corporate office. It takes a great person to manage a company, but it takes a better soul to wash the feet of the employees.

This makes a world of a difference in the company dynamic. Servant leadership increases morale and productivity, not only within the company, but its customers feel the results as well. Think for a moment – if you had this treatment at your place of business, how would that transpire into your home life?

This philosophy can save the financial costs of having to tie up managers to interview future employees as frequently and you may be contributing to the cost of strengthening marriages and relationships as well. That’s pretty cool if you ask us.

Whatever your position is in the company, please take the time to serve others first. You don’t have to be at the top of the hierarchy to make a difference in someone’s day. (We shouldn’t celebrate our employees on a designated appreciation day, it should be EVERY DAY. Take time out of your day to praise someone, talk to them, and assure their vital role within the company or your home life.

Every day, acknowledge the work of others, shower them with praise, pamper them, protect them, and reap the benefits changing your company and the lives you touch.

Are you going to make the difference?

Gardian Angel, LLC

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