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Thank you for helping ensure the safety of students nationwide. The step of reading each upcoming blog post shows your compassion and interest in protecting our youth from needless tragedy. We are pleased to announce Gardian Angel, LLC is now officially blogging from our own website. As Founder and President of Gardian Angel, LLC, inventor of the patented Gardian Angel® School Bus Safety Light System, former transportation supervisor and a certified ASE school bus mechanic for several decades, Steve Gardner offers his expertise on school bus safety and related topics.

Our posts are based by the years of Steve's experience getting greasy working on school buses, as well as leading others to maintain the highest level of safety for school bus fleets and watching the budget at the same time. We have learned a lot throughout the years and hope that you may benefit from some of the tips, stories, or whatever comes your way. There are at least two sides to every story. We are ecstatic to share Steve’s stories with you showing both sides as management and front line work with some Gardian Guidance along the way. There's a lot more in the creative mind of Gardian Angel, LLC if you stick around. More posts to follow. Keep safe.

-Gardian Angel, LLC

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