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10 Amazing Facts You Never Knew about the song Bus Stop

Intro: Bus Stop as it Relates to Me

As a company who has has served the school bus industry for about a decade and our staff has been involved with school buses for 35+ years, it seems only fitting we here at Gardian Angel, LLC dive deeper into a 1960's song we love titled "Bus Stop".

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Relax and Listen to Bus Stop

It should go without saying that you should spend a few minutes and listen to The Hollies song again. This is a great summer classic reliving the sounds of the sixties. Click on the different ways to start listening to this great song, then scroll for some amazing facts to learn more trivia about this song and it's history.

Ways to Listen to Bus Stop

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10 Facts You Never Knew about the song Bus Stop

  1. The Hollies performed "Bus Stop" on Season 10 | Episode 1 of Dick Clark's American Bandstand. This episode aired September 10, 1966.

  2. "Bus Stop" by The Hollies peaked at number 5 on Billboard's Hot Top 100 chart on September 17,1966.

  3. "Bus Stop" went on to spend a total of 9 weeks on the Billboard's Hot Top 100.

  4. Graham Gouldman was only 19 when he wrote the song "Bus Stop".

  5. According to a Manchester newspaper, Gouldman wrote "Bus Stop" while riding bus Number 95.

  6. Gouldman's father, Hyme Gouldman, actually wrote the first line of the song "Bus Stop".

  7. The Hollies recorded the song "Bus Stop" in just an hour and 15 minutes.

  8. Herman's Hermits also recorded this song in 1966. (Herman's Hermits manager was married to the sister of "Bus Stop" songwriter, Gouldman.

  9. The inspiration behind The Hollies band's name is the late Buddy Holly, who had died three years prior, in February 1959.

  10. Many people including New Age pianist David Lanz covered the song from his 1998 album, Songs from an English Garden.

"Bus Stop": DID YOU KNOW?

As a special bonus, On October 25th, 2019, 90's band Smash Mouth, (mainly accredited for their song "All Star" who also had their music included in the movie Shrek) released a cover of "Bus Stop" shown below.

Who wrote Bus Stop?

"Bus Stop" by The Hollies was written by the United Kingdom songwriter Graham Gouldman who came up with the song while he was riding home from work on a bus. Gramham's dad, Hyme Gouldman, wrote the first few lines, while Graham Gouldman finished the song.


Hope you learned something. If you're interested in learning more about bus stops, I have an awesome website for you to check out. It's . It showcases the latest technology used on school buses to keep your kids safe. We hope to work with your school in the very near future.

Why do you love the song "Bus Stop"? Love to hear your response.

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