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Ohio pedestrian school bus lighting options

Fun Fact: Ohio was the 17th state to permit the Gardian Angel® as an available option to school buses in August 2018.

Bonus Fun Facts:  Ohio is the home-state of the Gardian Angel®, and was invented after seeing an Ohio school bus accident fatality.

Pricing Disclaimer

Pricing is by set by our distributor.

The pricing on our website are preliminary estimates. 

For a more accurate quote, please fill out the form on this page.

PLEASE NOTE: It is important to note that placement of lights shown in pictures may not be placement for your state. 

Our white LED light can be mounted on the front bumper, under the front bumper, or mounted on the undercarriage.  Please check with your state laws and regulations for the correct mounting location.


in purchasing the Gardian Angel?


We can happily prove ourselves.  Sometimes the Ohio State Highway Patrol school bus inspectors need a friendly reminder of their own standards.  Next time they threaten to pull your school bus because of our lights, show them page 12 and 13 of the Ohio School Bus Approved Options List -Revision Date: August 21, 2018


Gardian Angel® falls under:

"Pedestrian lights"  

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