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How to Get Noticed By Major Companies

I was recently noticed by a popular TV station on social media. My method for getting recognized is simple. If I could summarize my secret to this accomplishment in one word it would be: COMMENT.

Why Commenting Works?

Everyone else simply pushes the like button on Facebook. Being unique is memorable. Differentiate yourself from the majority.

How to Formulate Your Comment

First, view the company’s post in its entirety. This alone sets you ahead of the rest of the pack that just reads the headline or skims. After reviewing the post, answer the following question: is this comment-worthy? If so, then proceed by spending a moment to think about what you liked about the post and why. Summarize this to one or two sentences.

Being concise is crucial. Then click on the comment button. Write your condensed comment making sure to include these key words, “thank you” as well as the name of the company. If the company used a hashtag in their post, use the same hashtag in your response, if applicable. Make sure you review your spelling before hitting the post button. The odds are favorable that the company’s social media team will click the like button to your comment perhaps even responding to you in a reply.

Now that you have learned how to properly engage with companies using social media, use this to your advantage to further the conversation in your upcoming business endeavors.

-Andrew V. Gardner

Andrew combines his experience as a husband and father with the pupil transportation industry and his previous employment in marketing and sales with a Fortune 500 company.

E-mail Andrew now and cross “marketing” off your to-do list.

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